Wednesday, August 20, 2008

old clothing revitalization pt 1

helping your boyfriend move to college is not bad at all, especially when they give you a large bag of old clothing. i have a lot of resizing to do for him, but i also have lots of material to make things for myself! this shirt started out as a polo and a grey shirt with a reasonably hideous 'las vegas' logo on it. (both a men's medium) after late-night inspiration, a few mild idiotic mistakes, (yes, i admittedly sew sleeves on backwards on occasion.), my first attempt at a hood and increased mastery of my serger, we have this. thanks for looking.

modeled by kidd.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

batik shorts, peace out

i've been working on these shorts forever! these may have been the first thing i ever drafted a pattern for, which i am quite proud of, because they turned out wearable.
i saw this fabric on sale and i had to have it, because it reminded me of m.i.a. it's an african batik on a heavy cotton, yadayadayada, good for shorts.
the shirt is a tee shirt i screen-printed and turned into a tank top with my new serger. it was a practice project.
modeled by my sister, styled and photographed by me.

Monday, August 4, 2008

i made a blog.

in the interest of showcasing things i sew/print/make /etc i am going to begin blogging as of now. this is partially as to help me keep a record of things i've made or am currently working on.

current projects: batik shorts, silver skirt, various alterations