Saturday, October 4, 2008

Public Humilation/Little Black Dress Contest No. 1

Here are some lackluster photos of my entry for Blackmail Boutique's "Little Black Dress Contest". I will take some with better lighting when I get the chance. My collar also looks really uneven in these. :(
For this contest I had roughly a month to design and sew a little black dress for a local boutique. I'm fairly surprised I actually finished this (mostly) in the time constraint. I only skipped one day of school in order to finish.
The body of the dress is a black on black plaid, some kind of synthetic, which looked not-cheap once all was said and done. :) The collar is silk dupioni. I only bought about half as much as I needed, but I was thankfully able to rework my pattern to accommodate.
The judging wasn't very encouraging. I had to go first, which scared me out of my wits and I didn't really get much useful feedback. All I was told: a) match your plaid better, b) cut your collar on the bias to make it poofier c) make your collar more overstated (which I totally don't agree with). Needless to say I didn't get any kind of prize, but another designer coming over to tell me she liked my dress is worth more to me than some judges' opinion. They gave the 3 other young designers in the contest consolation prizes for being young, which was slightly aggravating to be excluded from, but condescension is a "prize" I am better off without. All in all, the dresses that won weren't anything I found particularly original or exciting, so I suppose my taste just differed from the judging panel.

Better pictures soon! Thanks to everyone who supports me in my designing. :)

yay buttons!

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